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imagine a future moment in your life where everything's
perfect. you know, the
greatest  moment  of  your  life,  and
you     get     to     experience     it     with     o n e   p e r s o n .
Who's Standing Next To You?
i don't  understand  how you called me
you friend.
if you did this to a friend, i'd hate to see
what   you'd   do   to   an   [ e n e m y. ]
you'll never see the stars if you're always
Looking Down.
 she finally gave up 
she dropped the fake smile, as a tear ran down
her cheeck she whispered to herself

"i can't do this anymore"
  no one but us
that we can't look good without hiding 
our real face


she looks at him and whispers




*A DIVA is a female version of a HUSTLA!*

 as the icy blade easily tears through my fragile skin i feel exhilirated and unstoppable. i just stare at the open wound watching the blood trickle down my wrist. the numbing pain sends an adrenaline rush through my weakened body.its time to stop i think. yet i continue until i can bear it no longer. a puddle of blood now draining in the sink. it will happen again. my desire for pain is just too much.

poetry i wrote b4 i stopped cutting and b4 i got therapy. yeah im scared of who i was too.
dont cut. i would cut when anything that made me emotional. i would cut happy or sad or just if i was bored. and i hid it. so it wasnt for attenton, it was for pain.
` i can only please o n e person
one day at a time.
todays not looking good for you
&& neither is tomorrow.

[not my quote. but i love it.]
[+ rate if you love it too]

 he's the one
 i want sleeping right beside me;
 for the rest of my days.<3
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