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She yelled
because i messed
up once, she does this a lot
so i decided to stand up and say
listen little blondie, i have nothing
against blondes, but i said listen
dont get mad because we are
not perfect, you aren't either so deal with it
and im sorry we cant all be a sharpay

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<3 mine
Hey all you twilight lovers:
 You all must have read the books right??
Ok if you did please comment me and copy this questions with answers because if doing a poll
the votes end (2/25/09)
whos your favorite charater?
Emmett and Rosalie
Which book is ur favoorite?
new moon and eclipse

Were you mad when edward borke up with Bella in New Moon?
extremely, but i got over it when she hung out w. jacob
Do you like Carlisle or charlie better?

Do you like Renne or Esme better?

Do you like Alice or Rosalie better?

Do you like Jasper or Emmett?

Do yuo like Jacob or Edward better?
neither, but if i had to choose.... I wouldn't

Whcih evil vampire did ya like...James, Victoria,Laurent,?

Do yuo like Sam, Jared, Paul or Embry better?
None of them, I like Seth

 Charlie Swan Harry Clearwater Billy Black Tyler Crowley Lauren Mallory Mike Newton Jessica Stanley Angela Weber Eric Yorkie Emily Young Sue Clearwater Renée Dwyer J. Jenks WHICH ONE DID YOU LIKE BETTER?

This is just random--
Tell me witch cullen or anyone that plays a roll twilight[movie] is ur fav
Then tell me why..
Jasper (Jackson) becuz his facials crack me up :D

these are about the frist book twilight:

What is the significance of the title: Twilight?
idkkk i forget lol

Edward is ferociously attracted to Bella by her smell. That may make his love unconditional (because she can't change the smell of her blood), but does it make it less admirable since it's not based on character? 
Not at all

Rosalie's dislike of Bella justified? Why or why not?
Not in Twilight but in the latter books (Eclipse) she admits she's jealous of Bella sooo

Do you think Carlisle did the right thing changing Edward into a vampire, or was it selfish? Does Edward show any signs of resentment toward Carlisle for what he did? Explain.
I don't think it was selfish at all, he was doing it mostly for Edward's mom and he "loved" Edward, and... yah Edward can have major attitude for Carlisle, becuz if Carlises hadn't of saved him, he would never have met Bella, no bella= no true love 4 eddie :D

Would it appeal to you to live forever? Why or why not?
Yes, becuz you have forever to find true love and do anything you want, but it would be hard staying one age, like if you were like 13, than you could never marry, but i would get by :D

Do you think Billy's unsolicited warnings to Bella are entirely well-intentioned, or might there be something sinister going on?
possibly both!  he is telling her info. that might help or might not

Edward really is unlike any human guy – even his breath is intoxicating! What do you make of the criticism that Twilight gives young female readers unrealistic expectations of men?
yes and no... girls are obssed and that's why I hate Edward sometimes becuz he is fictional, but he makes every girl want to believe there's someone like that out there, and it's an ah-mazing feeling to think there's an edward out there for you, but it hurts when you come back to reality

The author makes clear that vampires have to be very attractive to their prey, but do you think Edward is too perfect? Why or why not?
He is beyond too perfect. i think this becuz it's hard to explain.... like i said before you wanna believe there's an edward but it's hard to force you to realize there's no1 that perfect unless your dreamming...
Just cause I love u and u love me,
It doesn’t mean that that we’re meant to be,
I can climb mountains, swim cross the seas,
But the most frightening thing is you and me!

I know u been calling me and im glad that we met, dont think im not interested im just playin hard 2 get. So much about this crazy thing they call LOVE. Im still tryna understandso could you be my freind  before you call yourself my man. :)

I wish I could rip out a page of memory 'cuz I put 2 much energy in him and me. Cant wait till i get through this phaze 'cuz its killing me. Too bad we cant rewrite our own history.

Girl: "When you get into high school you'll forget all about liking him and find another guy."

Crushed: "No I won't, my feelings will never change toward him I just want him to be mine and get my fairy tale ending I've been dreaming and waiting for."

And I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now,
you're still here and somehow my heart won't let go. And I need you to know

You had me at hello Y
The grammer was incorrect, but those were the sweetest sentences I ever heard. <3
I`m telling you, you don`t wanna fall for me, you don`t even wanna be with me.
I make a terrible girlfriend.
I`m horrible at keeping in touch with people, I`ll never call you.
I change my mind way too much, and I love going out with my friends, I can`t settle.
I`ve fallen in love .. and had my heart broken, more than once, by the same boy.
I lost the pieces, so don`t bother trying to put it back together.
That`s something I need to work on by myself; when I`m ready
And I`m not ready.
I`d flirt with other boys, and probably some girls too, I`d never cheat on you, but I`d make you worry.
You don`t wanna fall for me, but I`m falling for you
And if it`s okay with you, I wanna change all those things about me,

Falling for him <3. Hes amazing.
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