Quotes added on Thursday, February 12 2009

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
    --Audrey Hepburn

my teacher asked me the deffinition of love
so i turned around
---> looked at him <---
turned back and said
"love is a big word. & it can mean alot of things.
 but one thing i've learned about love is it's confusing.
 falling in love is hard to get out of. so the deffiniton of
 well... it's [needed someone] in your life. i love my bestfriends 
 & i can't live without them . i love my family, too. " ... then i said
 "... and sometimes you might not know it but you could love the
person sitting right infront of you. " 

      right then he dropped his pencil and looked up. i turned my head
and he was looking at me speechless. all he could do was smile, so
i did the same.  my teacher looked at me, then looked at him & said

now that's what love  is. "

not myn.
Just reme,berin a lil show called CATDOG its an old time nickelodian favorite
i'm happy for you,  i really am.
i'm not jealous, or full of pain.
i don't wish for you anymore at 11:11.
i don't miss what we had, or what could've been.
my heart isn't shattered into pieces,
and i don't think about you constantly.
i no longer cry myself to sleep,
and i've learned that i don't need you.
& i've also learned that i lie, alot
you'd be an ipod touch,
and believe me...
i would touch.
&+ In the end,
We all end up together
so really, your never

1. He doesn't know that whenever I get online,
the first thing I do is search for his name and check if
he's online.
2. He doesn't know that whenever I see him,
I get butterflies in my stomach.
3. He doesn't know how much I hurt whenever
I see girls flirting with him.
4. He doesn't know that he's always on my mind.
5. He doesn't know that
I'm head over heels in love with him.

Do I ever cross your mind?

You never cross my mind,
Because you're ALWAYS on  my mind.
when he won't give you
the time of the day
don't be upset.
because being upset,
won't accomplish anything in life...
except the tears.

on valenitens day..
i plan not to be single anymore. [like i am right now]

*its truee!asking out my crush on valentines day.

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