Quotes added on Friday, February 13 2009

it isn't all that when you're looking for it.
But when you find it..

it's everything.
And when it leaves you,
You feel so empty without it.
Yep, you guessed it.

Love; Is; Complicated
You're sitting down,
smiling as usual,
When he walks by.
His hand is gripped onto another girls' hand,
and he's looking at her in deep love.
You feel your heart start to ache,
as he leans in towards her.
You feel your heart begin to break,
as his lips meet hers.
And whatever you do, you can't look away.
And your sight is getting blurry from the tears

Never frown,
even when you are sad,
because you never know
who is falling in love with your smile.
I'm out; I've done all that I can do.
I'm not going to chase you anymore.
So if you want me in your life;
You'll find a way to put me in it.
|you|willneverforget|me |
 *actual thing that happened*
him: and youre my girl <3 =] 
there so many ways to describe you
and theres only one word to describe me..lucky =]

am i the only one who finds it funny that "sexy" came first? 

rate + if u agree lol
and forever isn't long enough
to get over giving so much up
to someone who would throw it
all away </3
you spin my head
right round 
right round------
when you go down                      |
when you go                | 
                         down down         |__ <3
&& the only thing that boy {really} [knows] about you
is how to make your
make-up run
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