Quotes added on Saturday, February 14 2009

 And yet, through it all,
Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind,
for with each dawn she found new hope
that someday her dreams of happiness
would come true.
he has this way of making me smile,
when my whole world is crashing down<3

Meg: Sometimes it's better to be alone.
Hercules: What do you mean?

Meg: Nobody can hurt you.
I was walking down the hallway,
    My friends laughing next to me
    Talking about the latest gossip

When he caught my eye
                  Flashed an oh-so-cute smile
And gave me an u n f o r g e t t a b l e wink   
[My cheeks flushed as I] smiled back,
         and started walking faster towards him,
                                                                 ------>Eyes on the prize.
I walked straight into a yellow "Wet Floor" sign
Slipped in the puddle and landed on my butt

as my books  F  L  E  W out of my grasp
And onto my
...talk about falling for a boy...

Your "promises", they look like lies</3

Am I the only one...

Who says OUCH! when I drop a book on the floor?!?!

[+] Rate highh if u do this :)

everybody wants happiness              
------->nobody wants pain                            
          but you can't have a rainbow         
without a little bit of rain<---------

not mine. but its cutee.

Mikey: Im afraid of large bodys of water and sharks
Gerard: And his favorite movie is...
Mikey: Jaws

haha gotta love them MCR forever <3

& i can't stand the pain, but i can't make it go away.

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