Quotes added on Thursday, February 19 2009

                                                      ii just needa make iiht clear
                                       us giirls dnt need liquor or bear
                                   we jus naturallly fukked upp


&+ maybe you can't see my pain
because    you're    afraid    to    look,
you  don't want to see  that i'm hurt,
cause    deep    down     you     know
you're         the         reason          why
i  just  don't  get how you can't see it
because,   girl,   to   everyone   else
i    t    '    s       o    b    v    i    o    u    s
ouchh boy.<3
you got killer eyes. ;D

credit to xoxobabixgurllxoxo. changed the words a little :D

L is for the way youu look at me.

O is for the only one ii see.

V is very very extraodinary.

E is even more than anyone that youu adore.


If football was hard, it would be called GyMnAsTiCs
       dO iHt 2dAy CuZ iT
  miigHT bE iilEgAl 2morrOw..

one little word; with the biggest meaning of all.
what you gave me; a simple promise.
but you promised you loved me, and you promised you'd protect me.
but in the end, that little promise meant nothing to you anymore.
&+ tonight at 11:11
i didn't wish for him
i wished for a heart
u n b r o k e n   b y   a   f r i e n d
I'm fightin'   with myself
I can't hurt you even though you hurt me
You gonna be in the Emergency Room
Tryin' to call a nurse but nobody can help you now
Let me see you try to live without me
Now where's your heartbeat?

Flat line on the E-K-G
a smart girl l e a v e s before she is l e f t
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