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Things change, people change. We're not the same old crayon sharing friends we used to be. Things happen and friends work through it. But, only the best of friends make it<3

7 Dwarfs forever<333333

If you can't stop thinking about someone,
maybe there supposed to be in your life aa

[  like   you   needed   any   more   attention  ]
&& I hope that when you looked
in her eyes, you saw my reflection. </3
She wishes she had
someone who
loved her...
When things go wrong with boys,
your friends are always right beside you saying "you deserve much better"
but sometimes, when you love a boy, you can't help

but wish things were back to how they were before.
I've always been told that "Guys are stronger than Girls."
Well, I don't agree... Not completely.
Girls may lose to a boy in a game,
but take a look at what girls go through,
[ P R O V I N G ] that they are strong.

When girls fall pregnant
They have to hold a baby in their stomach for 9 months straight
Up next comes giving birth
which is hours and hours of pain.
Girls can force a smile
even if their hearts are beyond broken.
Girls go through something guys would have said
"Y U C K Y !" to:
periods = mood changes, back & stomach pains...


And you're saying that this isn't strong?
Oh please, this is stronger than you guys will ever be.
You may have muscles and "abs",
but it's possible for girls to have those too.
But it's just IMPOSSIBLE for guys to go through of what I just said above.

[all mine]
        and if i stop
ever thinking of you, i'd probably choke on the words i never
said. if i stop ever thinking of you,  i'd bury my heart and fall
back    in    my    bed.  
what      a      sight      that'll      be
Waiting for you...
is like waiting for rain to fall in the desert
useless and disapointing
the only sensible way
to live in this world is
without rules.
                      -The Joker.

all timee favoriteee movieee<3333!
hes my favorieee<3
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