Quotes added on Wednesday, February 25 2009

I'm like any silly little girl...
i fell for a stupid boy.
  K  o  r  i 
Don't Smoke pot.
Smoke Candy
Candy tastes wayyyy better anways.

- Thiss was on a icon. L0l.
Its Called Young Love
the middle school relatIonships.
the sweet talking text messages and the phone calls that  last at the most five minutes.
its asking out by a text message.
it's having a heart next to his name in your contact list; and him being your first possible speed dial.
its the i .LOVE. you's. that really have no meaning. 
never talking in school [ having every class or no classes together...either way ] but non-stop texting after school.
its his hugs and kisses
going to basketball games & football games in big groups.
when the teachers know about everything that's going on between you two. 
then suddenly its over.

butterfly kisses
make me smile
i think they're more special
and should be given
once in a while.

If I could hold a star in my hand, for each time you made me smile..babe I would have the whole nightsky in the palm of my hand<3
Dreamers you see everything in color,
While the world is getting darker,
Love Is On Its Way...
So hold on another day,
Cuz Love Is On Its Way
Youll find its gonna be okay,
Because Love Is On Its Way
& &  w h e n  l i f e  g i v e s  y o u  l e m o n s ; ;
stuff them in your bra
it will all be okay in the end.
if it`s not okay,
i t ` s   n o t   t h e  e n d .

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