Quotes added on Friday, February 27 2009

power to the cheerleaders cuz...
it's more than just pom poms and short skirts...

What is with those stupid chic shaper commercials.
I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do when I'm watching t.v.
Is look at some person's boobs.  It's actually multiple people.
I don't really want to look at their boobs. I mean. really.
It's great that you're self concious about whether or not your boobs are big.
Or if your posture sucks.  If you hate your posture, here's a thought.
Stand up straight. ehh?? ehhh??? yeah. so. I don't like looking at people's boobs.
Sorry to dissappoint.  I'd much rather watch the show I was watching then be forced to look at peoples boobs.
I mean, it doesn't give you a choice.  You either look at their boobs or don't watch t.v.
They just focus specifically on the chest area.  I mean, they don't really care if you're ugly.
They're just looking at your boobs.  It just makes me feel uncomfortable to  be sitting on the couch watching t.v.
And then, BAM some random lady's boobs. Honestly,

my best friend is better than yours.
he's always there for me, he makes me smile with the right words, he's deep, he sings to me,
and he knows all my favorite music. he's always the one to watch me cry at night, he's always
the one to do the talking and i'm always willing to listen, and he can always say exactly what i
wanna hear. his name is [ iPod Nano... ] maybe you know him?

life isn't always beautiful

The key to anything is commitment. if you dedicate yourself
to any one thing you can do anything. impossible is just a

big word thrown around by little men.

Impossible is nothing.

he says 'you know I love you'
she says 'no I don't.'
he says 'I won't hurt you'
she says 'that's what the last one said...
He did.'
             I know I want this more than ever
             I wish there was another way
             You see, my words can only hurt you
                Till he's shadow fades ...


you little
so we'll just pretend nothing ever happened && look the other way, but we both know deep down that it wasn't supposed to end this way.
love yourself..
because if you d o n t ;
no one else w i l l .
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