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 i love wen people make quotes with cool                    colors ;P <!

im just to lazy to do it like they do i go for rainbow or black or idk but it never comes out cool like thiers so credit to you people for bein cool XD
You    make    me    smile    so    much,
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y o u d o n t j u s t s t o p
loving someone a
either you
[never did] or always will
Cuz when you're fifteen.. somebody tells you they love you.. youre gonna believe them
I'm sitting here wondering how could I write a quote about heart-pounding teenage-love when I've never experienced it. Well, being a teenager & watching my fair share of romance movies, I know one thing, & that's that love is magical. Well, at least it is in the movies. It's when two people come face to face by pure fate & look at each other with no intention of leaving, not for a minute. It usually ends all well & good; with a killer knock-your-socks-off kiss; with amazing passion. But in real life, love is messy, people fight & sometimes, despite the magic, they leave. So, love? Well love is being able to put up with someone for 5 minutes at a time & liking it enough to come back for more. And if you play your cards right & the chemistry flows, maybe you too will get your happy ending, knock-your-socks-off kiss too, with lots of passion, of course.

i love this quote.
hopeyoudotoo xx
u ask out ur true love...she says yes...u r in ur last class..u write her name in ur journal a million times..then u hear a gunn shot go off as ur walking to the bathroom..u run from it but theres no where to go...u see ur loved one running...u chase her but be4 u could get to her she gets shot...u scream NOOOOO!!!!...u run up to her and hold her and stare at her eyes..u waqtch her go in to shock and then be4 she passes away u say to her...i will never forget about u...then u look up and u c the person with the gun stare at u..he points the gun at u...then he shoots 

Why does everyone notice me
when dont't

"this is an 80's honda. HOw dare you" 
             Employee of the month

  sorry i LOVE this movie id think i did the quote right but if its wrong can u leave me a message with wat it really is?/
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