Quotes added on Wednesday, March 4 2009

   I'm in 
with you.
  not in 
 with you
quite yet.


   I'm in 
with you.
  not in 
 with you
quite yet.

don't reject people who try to help you.
don't  put  yourself  down; tell me why would you do that? do you like the attention
when  you're  sad?  maybe  we  give  you  attention  because  we  care  about  you.
trust me,  we  like  you  a lot better when  you're  happy.  don't  keep  it  bottled up.
you'll  only  see your  perspective  on  things,  and  you'll  only  hurt  yourself  more.
think  about  it,  do  you   really   want   to   remember   your   teenage  years  crying
all  the  time?  no. didn't think so. so get out there girl,
go show them what you got ♥

Don't ask ME if I'm fine,
unless YOU wish to hear me lie...
 I'm not ok
How does a butterfly know she's in ♥ L O V E?
                 - She feels humans in her stomach
Dear Friend...
I'm sorry I'm the one you came to
I'm sorry I was your last try
Sorry that I couldn't find the words
to make you feel alright.

I hope that you will forgive me
for not knowing what to say
I hope you'll realize soon enough
it will all end okay

But as your friend I won't give up
until you're able to..
look to the sky
smile and say
"I'll find a better day"

all mine

your perfect. but only perfect for me.
Used to see in black&white.
Never any in between.
Waitin' on the love of my life
To come into my d r e a m s.

All the beauty that was waiting for me.
You put the blue back in the sky.
You put the rainbow in my eyes.
A silver lining in my prayers.
&Now there's color everywhere.
where your hair just won't look good
your makeup won't look like it does everyday
you're just not in the mood for anything
people think you're depressed
you ignore those who are talking to you
only because you don't know they're talking
you can't laugh at the funniest joke
because to you it wasn't that funny, on that day.
and on that day, it's that day.
where you just feel so alone in the world,
so left-out, even if you aren't.
we've all had that day.
that day always repeats itself once in a while
but you're not the only one,
you're not the only victim.

Girls -- Girls -- Girls

Be patient
Everyone wants love
no one wants heart ache
but the truth is your heart will probably get broken
love may not last with this guy or the next

at times you will feel like giving up on love
but remember-- 
he is out there  ♥

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