Quotes added on Saturday, March 7 2009

it makes me feel
It was really quiet in english when I said;;

"I wanna hit Teague with a bus one day.  Just to see his reaction."

Teague no longer talks to me.
Oh boy;
you took the "L"
                           out of lover, and now its just

Bringing a new meaning to 
Since [ 1.19.96 ]
  hey if you think eating carpet lint 
is fun wait until you fall in love-

chuckie finst

I thought it would be so hard to i m a g i n e
l i f e with out you and i  c o u l d n' t  s u r v i v e with
out you by my side but a couple weeks
have past and
i 'm  s t i l l  a l i v e

ice cubes are
Here's to the nights
we can't have back & will n e v e r forgot. Those [sleepless] nights where
we giggled so hard, we could’nt stay still. The perfect dreams we had
about the cute guys in our school. The coolest people we met only once.
The most random moments ever that only happen once in a lifetime. 
Some of the dumbest fights we get into then forgot about really fast.
The (w o n d e r f u l) memories we have in the morning. I would never trade
in any of those moments for anything in the world.

forget the 
risks& take the fall
if it's meant to be
credit to dreamless but i did  colors
duh i love you
            and trying to explain why
            is like trying to explain 
            how water tastes,

completely impossible

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