Quotes added on Saturday, March 7 2009

age-  13! teenager!!
sign- Caprocorn
school- middles school
location- new jersay=]

nicest- Mack Julia Jess 
meanest- Kelly

tallest- Jess but Julia's getting there!!
shortest- Amanda
craziest- Jess
smartest- Julia
dumbest- Mack (in a blonde way) as a joke lol
most trustworthy- Julia Mack and Jess
most athletic-  JULIA
most likely to end up in jail- Mack & Sophia!!! (you know what i mean) ;]
most likely to be rich- I DONT KNOW?!
most likey to get pregnant by the age of 16- i dont know?!
deepest conversations- uhh julia?!
weirdest conversations- BRIANA!!!!
best lyer- Briana (love ya but you know what I mean haha lol =))
most organized- Um IDK well i guess Julia cause she just cleaned her room lol!
most unorganized- STEPHEN!!!
always late- Me
always on time- Mack
always early- Amanda?

-habits-do you- 
bite your nails-
 Always its really bad!
flirt too much- kinda
procrastinate- Sometimes
take your anger out on others- Onlyy on my good freinds who let me[: love you guys<3
have an eating disorder- if eating to much is one then yeah!
judge people easily- Not Really
lose your temper easily- Defenately!!!

-how many times a day do you- 
go to the bathroom- 
change your clothes- two or three times a dya
shower- Normally Once a day
slam doors- sometimes
fight with people- Only my brother who i am hating today =(
sign online- Sometimes
brush your hair- Everyday!
wash your face- once a day
your making
my heart skip

so   maybe  one   day
your  look  at  all  those  "love letters"  i  have
hidden from the world and realized that to me.
you  weren't  just  a  boy.


not my idea.
                          7th grade....
where all the [d.r.a.m.a.] starts
where all the boys are p e r v e r t s.
where all the girls are n.a.i.v.e.
where everything you say can and will be used against you as a sexual comment.
where the teachers seem to g\i\v\e\u\p
where relationships last a week.
where friends are soon (enemies)
where n.o.t.h.i.n.g. is a secret.
where everything is a c o n t e s t
where life seems to [b[e]g[i]n]
if i had to chose between
loving you and

then i'd use
my last breath to
tell you that

She looked at him
Then walked away,
She held her head high,

&&Never looked back<33

is just a word used
by people who don't
know how to have

yes.  thats  what  i  said.  i  don't love  you.
i  never loved you.  personally you  sicken
me.  i dont  want  to see  your face. or hear
your voice right when i wake up and before
i  start to dream.  i dont want to think about
you.  i dont need to always be next to you.
but   what   if   i   told   you   i   was   lieing.

would you believe me then?

People might think I'm fine
but after what you did to me..
I am in pain on the inside.
Where I cry myself to sleep every night;;
talk on the phone for hours with my girls to get my mind off you.;;
and miss you so much, even though you really
crushed me bad

E||||||||||||||||| E||||||||||||||||| E|||||||||||||||||
i wish i were that girl
who you pointed at and
said "that's her."

E||||||||||||||||| E||||||||||||||||| E|||||||||||||||||

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