Quotes added on Friday, March 13 2009

 you must be tired baby,
cause you've been running through my mind all day.<3

haha, ilovepickupliness. [:

If you love me and
let me go
dont be sad if i dont come back
right away.
I need to love myself before
i can love

if you can't handle its weight,
will be come distorted
and turn into
baby you're my better half <3
Love knows no boundaries, love knows no limits, and no one can assign boundaries or limits to love. Who's to say what love is or isn't? Nobody can define love for anybody else. Love is whatever you want it to be. Or whatever you wish it was.

---comment on youtube. i thought it's very true, and quote-worthy. i added the last phrase to it.
LabeLs    ARE FOR    soup cans
                                                                                                                                                                      not people.

   T h a t s  o k a y .
 I'll just bring your new girl into this and we'll talk about it. ;)
How does that sound big boy?
i    don't     wanna     fall     asleep,
cause  i  don't  know if  i'll get up.
and i don't wanna cause a scene,
but  i'm  dyin' without  your love.

cant have you - jonas brothers
ii Miis my best friend
you know the friend that called me at
3A.M., The one who acted like a complete
fool in front of my bboyfriend? the one
i told everything to, You know the one who
backstabbed me for her new friends?
The one who went for the "popular" kids.
You know that friend that said who would
never leave me & ended up leavinq me anyways,
knowninq that i needed her. yeah thats
the q i r l i miss.
but she moved on the qirls who ussaly will
stabb her behind her back, the friends who
want her for her looks.
you know those fake friends?

-this is what happen to my best friend, i m i s s her alot.
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