Quotes added on Wednesday, March 18 2009

true strength
It's not faking a smile.
It's having power
 to smile genuinely.

**spell checkk on guenuinely?

   hello I'm  
|  drunk.  |
"never say never"
Wait, why not? never means
about as long as "forever"
 and what's that mean anymore?
"Life's too short not to say what you want."
You must be bored to if you are reading people's away messages. I must be bored if I am telling you how bored you are.

..read it..somewhere
"So late one night by the harvest moon, Jacob climbed a ladder up to Rachel's room. He knew his place, it was right beside her. Step-by-step into her world, head-over-heels for a brown-eyed girl. And gettin' caught didn't seem to matter, cause Heaven was waitin' at the top of Jacob's ladder."
 I'm not talented enough to type and pick my nose at the same time.

I am braver than you believe,
Stronger than I seem,
And smarter than you think.

* got the idea from somewhere on witty,
coloring kindaa suckss,
When someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles to frown about it but it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and punch the crap out of them.
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