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make my life sound good to you ;
I shout out to you after you
run away, I try fixing my
lies so that you would come
back-- but u never do ;;
so I cry and try to tell
you what happened but
when do you ever listen

to me?

*quote credit: ryxry

  All you need is love. ♥
three amazing words to live by.
Everyone always asks why i like him;
maybe its because he treats me like his girlfriend,
maybe its because i find him pretty cute
maybe its because i can trust him,
maybe its because i like his personality
or maybe, just maybe, its because he has what no one else has...
my heart

Now Remember
i gave you my heart, but also remember
i can
take it back.
though what use would that be?
i g a v e you the key, and the locks cant be [changed]


&; once he told me her name, my life waz over. i've heard of plenty of ppl say their heart waz breaking, but 4 once, i culd actually feel it...time stood still, the broken record scratched, and i felt lyk crying. i just couldn't tho, not in 4rnt of hym, just...no. So i just looked into his beautiful hazel eyes and said: "I'm happy for u." But this tyme, i just didn't mean it...

hope u lyk, kinda poored my heart out on this 1...the little of it that i have left. <3

 if i were skittles,
i would be like 
skittles  <— this... 
without you  :[
I'de rather not be perfectt.

If a boy told me

 to "suck it" it tell himm that;;
"my mother always told me to never put small objects in my mouth.


                                                                                       ··············> i heart requests! [see profile for details]
It's 1:30 in the morning
and your high on pills
Poor little girl,
Just can't climb these hills
It's 1:30 in the morning,
and she can't seem to read her own brain,
Her eye's are blood shot
and she's cursing everyone's name
Hands shaking, brain hurting,
And she's writing this quote
It's 1:30 in the morning,
and finally, a
true poem she wrote
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