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My Mom:I can't take dis bull JUST LEAVE.!!!
My Dad:

My Friend:I can't take dis I'm qoinq home. :p

But I miss; screaming
and fighting and kissing
in the rain, it's two am
and I'm cursing your name.

-Taylor Swift

who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I'm not perfect - and I don't
have to be ; but before you start
[ pointing fingers ] make sure your
hands are clean

i'm DONE!

done ---> taking your crap
done ---> being blamed  for something i never did
done ---> trying so hard to not offend  you
done ---> being treated so bad
done ---> being blamed for treating you bad when i treat you way better than you treat me
done --->
being your friend.........it's not  WORTH IT!!!

bad colors change if u feel like it! haha..........im just rly mad this chick is sayin her friends give her crap when no1 does anything to her.... wow

Your so beautiful,
So damn beautiful.

I absolutely love this song. <3
There's more to living than being alive

~ Alexithymia
Be strong now;
Because things will
get better, it may
be stormy now but;
it can't rain forever.
♥when i look for you in the halls♥
♥i feel so dumb♥
♥because as soon as i see you♥
♥i just turn around and walk the other way♥
♥another thing i will never be able to do♥
♥say goodbye♥

miness (: x3 63♥ i signedd itt withh my signaturee 63♥

Sorry Boys.
Girls play Futbol,
Without all the pads

Soccer is everything :]

Abestfriend reaches out for yourhand and touches your heart.
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