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definition of love:      love, loved and loving


1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person

2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. sexual passion or desire.

anti-definition of love:

1. cheating, or dating someone else at the same time as the person you "love"

2. using, or to get someone else

3. leaving


Ratee ittt!

I'm like a boomerang
I'll come back and beat you up
It's just sooo pathetic;............


*denied it*
*didn't care*
*acted like nothing happened*

most importantly....<3
you broke my heart...<3
and did it, again...<3
Friendship is more then just hanging out all the time. Its always being there for them. Having there back, sticking up for them, killing whoever trys to get in their way. Its about the crazy pictures and loud sleepovers. Wrestling matches for the phone because someone got a text. Its about knowing that person more then you know yourself. You love them for who they are and would never want them to change. Those memorries will last as long as you care for those people. The times together, unforgetable and always in your hearts. Heres to the girls that are lucky enough to find those girls who are more like sisters then friends!

I love you guys!!
Nothing will ever change that!
Forgive & Forget
        Forgive myself for being stupid,
              Forget you ever existed.

[just made it pretty]
 G                                        G
O                                              O
N                                                   N
Z                                                         Z
O                                                            O

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was losing to the game of life.
but i lost the second she won & took home
the grand prize <3

why be jealous of the girl who gets all the guys?
she probably doesn't, you just choose not to see the rejections
you choose to pretend that she doesn't get hurt either.

because don't you worry her heart has been broken too

d R e a m
because  you  never  know  when  your
reality will finally be too much to handle
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