Quotes added on Saturday, March 28 2009

you`re beautiful

 every little piece love,
don`t you know,
you`re really gonna be someone,
ask anyone.

& when you find everything
you looked for,
i hope your life leads you back
to my front door,

but if it don`t,

stay beautiful.
you can have edward cullen
i wanna love someone i can

actually have a chance with

*partial credit to myeye6* chk her out!
m   t   .
--» I'm just a little slow minded «--
 t h a t ' s   a l l . . . 

What the heck?! You said She cared toooooooo much!!

~~So you pretty much
broke up with your girlfriend/ my BEST friend
 because she
stood by your side,
and loved you more than ever?
Congratulations, @sshole, you just lost your one person that really loved you!~~

we are  t e r r i b l e for eachother
and yes, we are a disaster
but tell me your Ŷ doesn't race
for a hurricane or a burning building
i'd rather die terrified than live forever

~outside of witty~


<3 S Club 7

Has anybody else tried to write a
love letter like Noah?

my teacher just had a baby and this is the story we heard

the baby(Connor) was born...............it was a premie
he stared at his mother in horror........
then looked at everyone in the room and said

"ohhhhhh i see you guys are playing a trick on me.....
this b**** can't be my mom shes too f***ing ugly"
This child was truley gifted and has been a

inspiration to us all ever since.

remixed story....but we wish
all mine:))))
&+ i'm always searching for the words to say to you
like i like you and i need you, yet you won't get the clue
and your green eyes will turn these brown eyes

~found outside of witty~
                     He whispered to her;
                            the only way i could [ever] hurt you
                             is by holding your hand too tight.
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