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Blonde Jokes!

A young blonde woman is distraught because she fears her husband is having an affair, so she goes to a gun shop and buys a handgun.

The next day she comes home to find her husband in bed with a beautiful redhead. She grabs the gun and holds it to her own head.

The husband jumps out of bed, begging and pleading with her not to shoot herself. Hysterically the blonde responds to the husband, "Shut up...you're next!"

haha.. no offense to blondes

I guess its just hard to
that the best years of my life
are coming to an end.
And those friday show
and tell
days turn into
friday night sleepovers.
And the sleepovers will
eventually turn into going
to wild parties and
getting in trouble.

I just didn't know
the change would
 come so fast

Sitting up on the roof. Sneaking a smoke by the chimney. Checking out the moon and the city lights. He takes off his flannel shirt and he drapes it around her shoulders. Slides up behind her and holds on tight. And she says "I don't want this night to ever end<3 i love you
zach utter♥

&+ If my boyfriend cheated on me whith a boy..
i would laugh, not cry.
that's what she said

friend [[ trys to put a pencil in the sharpener]] : IT WONT FIT!

me: [[yells across room]]: Thats what she said!


3 Men were waiting to go to heaven. St Peter was at the gate and said, "However good you were to your wife that is the vehicle you will get in heaven".

The first guy comes up to the gate and says, "I never, ever cheated on my wife and I love her". So St. Peter gives him a Rolls Royce.

The next man comes up and says, "I cheated on my wife a little but I stilll love her." He gets a mustang and drives off into heaven.

The next guy came up and said, "I cheated on my wife alot". He gets a scooter.

Next day the guy that got the scooter was riding along and he saw the guy who owned the Rolls Royce crying.

He asked, "Why are you crying you have such a nice car?!" and the man sobbed, "My wife just went by on roller skates
11 : 11
I wish for a *sparkling* pink unicorn
Instead of you
Cause Im more likely to get the
that's what she said #2

we were having a catch in school

kid in class: YES! finally! someone caught my ball =] !

Me: That's what she said!

&& as the hours roll by,
and midnight passes..------->
i sit there, crying my heart out
lost and confused.
i need some help
to get through the
p a i n im in.

all mine, its like midnight
and this is actually happening.
Everyone knows im in over my head,
    over my head,
with eight seconds left in overtime.
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