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I would die for you
On Skyway Avenue

-Skyway Avenue-
We the Kings
A kid asked Jesus "how much do you love me?'' 
Jesus replied "i love you this much", 
streched his arms on the cross and died for us.

-- if you believe in the guy who made this world then repost thiss... 

Did you know that::
make my day
Four million two hundred thousand and ninety seven times better
Each time you talk to me?
Well you do.
goodnight computer,friend, im putting you away safely so you don't have to experience this harsh world we have, while i go cry myself to sleep; yet again.
And promise me, that you won't ever leave me? Because just about EVERYONE! else has done that, and i don't know what to expect anymore.
Question:  Is God black or white?
Answer: He is both.

Question: Is God boy or girl?
Answer: He is both.

Is God Michael Jackson?

Credit to me!

------------Are Like Apples
--------On Trees. The Best Ones
------Are At The Top Of The Tree
----The Boys Don't Want To Reach
---For The Good Ones Because They
-Are Afraid Of Falling And Getting Hurt.
Instead, They Just Get The Rotten Apples
-From The Ground That Aren't As Good,
But Easy. So The Apples At The Top Think
-Something Is Wrong With Them, When In
--Reality, They're Amazing. They Just
---Have To Wait For The Right Boy To
------Come Along, The One Who's
------------Brave Enough To

-----------------Climb All
------------------The Way
-----------------To The Top
----------------Of The Tree

sometimes you need to forget about everyone else and remember what's best for you...
&& if one day you see me happy, then the next sad...
just know that he happend.
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