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the hardest part is
letting go
I'm (your name)
 Imformantion (about you) you here.
I'm Taken/Sinqle.
[ if taken gf/bf name here ]
My friends are
pretty dayum
 [ add names here]]

Piktahsssssss!! >=D

-comment if ussing<3

o<{ : D }>

hahaha its Santa!
If You Count All The Stars In The Sky,
all the grains of sand in the oceans,
all the roses in the world and all the smiles
that have ever been, then you will have a
sample of how much I love you.

-made for jocking.

never say forever because forever isn’t real
forever’s what u think and forever’s what u feel
so if u say forever please promise that u’ll try
but never say forever becuase forever makes me cry

+& Hes the one
That gives me that [[funny feeling]] when I see him
me smile all the time
Has totally
over my thoughts
My frien
ds are sick of hearing about
And most of all
Hes the one I

stressing and obsessing
just aint my style. all i
want is for someone to
make me smile.

quote added by: bubbleliiciiousx3 (:

;_as her and her boyfriend were saying goodbye
i walked away "thinking" about
go find yourself
when im in [your] arms i feel like staying there
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