Quotes added on Thursday, April 2 2009

and sometimes i wonder if i'm the only one
who clicks on his screen name and wonders
if he'll start typing something,
but then erasing it word after word,
and it'll show the little" ...is typing..."
afraid about what i'll think..
just like what i do to him. :p
Before you judge her again, just think;

Maybe she's failing a subject, that's why she's not allowed to hang out
Maybe her parents are getting divorced, that's why she seems to be depressed.

Maybe her boyfriend cheated on her, that's why she has trust issues.

Maybe her best friend used her, that's why she's short tempered.

Maybe she just lost someone, that's why her eyes are puffy when you see her in the morning.

Or maybe she's all those things because you were too quick to judge her,

before you even got to know her.

All minee * credit


say things can't get worse
because they can, they will, and
they do
I Need a New Start
a clean slate. My life is in the rocks right now,
and people change their minds. I've been hurt too many times;
that I've learned not to put a full amont of trust in anyone, not anymore.
I need to go, get out for as long as I need to. Because once you get caught up
in the completely messed up atmosphere around you, you lose yourself. Once that
happens you become a confused, lonely, and unhappy soul. And I cannot have that
happen to me; I just can't.

completely mine. Idk how I'm feeling right now.

         live life
You walk in the room;
You take you seat;
You don't turn around;
You don't see me .
I'll make him go.
You'll find one day he'll disappear.
You'll turn around, and find that only I am here.
Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,
the cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed to see such sport,
and the dish ran away with the spoon.
He ran from conviction, and fed his addiction,
as the dish heated the spoon.
The spoon begged to go, but the dish shouted "NO!,
the heroin will be ready soon."
They say time is the killer
I can't wait he's too slow for me.
Love is like a rollercoaster.
It has its ups and downs
When it goes up
You get butterflies
But when it goes down
Your stomach drops
But when you get off the ride
You just want to do it over and over again


All credit to me. Copying my work is illegal. I wrote this, so please dont copy. its not that good, but still dont copy.
whenever i see you
it's like seeing a bright star in the sky
there's a lot of other ones around it

but only that one
i can see

ily babe

thought of it myself. :]

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