Quotes added on Friday, April 3 2009

Oh, don't worry
you didn't break me, no.
Sweetie you
completly DISTROYED me.

& if one day
I actually START to matter
please let me now.
You don’t have to call anymore
I won’t pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don’t want to hurt anymore
And you can tell me that you’re sorry
But I won’t believe you baby like I did before
You’re not sorry no more, no more, no
l o v i s *
giving someone the power|
to |break your heart ♥
but trusting them not to

Why do i have to fall for you over and over again!

 you do this to me
everytime =[
i      love      this
crazy, tragic,  sometimes almost
magic,          awful,         beautiful
  .   i   .   f   .    e 
[ Laugh your heart out ]
in the rain
cherish each moment
the pain
forgive && forget


found it on Pyzam.com
credit to me for formatting, font, and colors
Im so happy with you

& now when im not im so
sad =[
I can't read your mind, boy.
You flirt with me, but does it mean you like me?
Do you make me jealous on purpose?
How many girlfriends have you had in the last month?
You need to give me some answers,
because i dont want to waste my time

falling in love with a player.

100% mine
i hope you like it !
tell her you admire her. 
always tell her you love her at all times.  when she's upset, hold her tight.  pick her over all the other girls you hang out with.  play with her hair.  pick her up and tickle her, wrestle with her.  heck, just talk to her!  tell her jokes.  bring her flowers...just because.  hold her hand and run.  or just hold her hand.  throw pebbles at her window at night.  let her fall asleep in your arms.  sing to her, no matter how awful you sound.  get her mad at you.  then kiss her.  give her piggy back rides.  push her on the swings.  tell her she looks beautiful.  when she's sad, stay on the phone with her, even if she's not saying anything.  look into her eyes and smile.  slow dance with her, even if there's no music. kiss her on the forehead. . 
+and when you fall in love with her.. tell her.
 If you can get tan by sitting out in the sun, then how come
different objects don't tan?!

Credit all the me!

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