Quotes added on Sunday, April 5 2009

wipe away the tears;;
and i know, it sounds ridiculous. absolutley stupid.
but really, we're young. i know. he seemed absolutley
p e r f e c t
amzing, wonderful, lovely, but trust me. it won't stay
that way, he's going to eventually turn into a total butt crack
& you're going to be happy the day you're with someone
who's there for you winding their muscular arms around your
waist, kissing you on the cheek when you're not looking,
kissing you in the pouring rain, & just loving you
for the amazing person you are. you just have to wait
for him<3
       Why try so hard
to fit in when......
u were made 2 stand out?!

lets play ( t r u t h ) or ( r e )
t r u t h- tell me you love me.
r e- prove it <3

sorry. on the first one i didnt put
lets play. i put theres. but it like
means the same thing. anywayss.
this is a door a ball (:
He's got my heart tied in a knot
and my stomach in a <3whirl.
the          future
is      gunna       come
sooner      or       later
don't worry about it.
just     live    life.

there's many ways I could tell you this.....

1. Je t'aime------------------------French

2. Ik houd van u------------------Dutch
3. Ich liebe dich------------------German
4. Σ' αγαπώ------------------------Greek
5. Ti amo---------------------------Italian
6.Eu te amo-----------------------Portuguese
7.Te amo--------------------------Spanish
8. 私は愛する---------------------Japanese

But the simplest way would just be......
               10. I Love You

&+ sometims I wish ;
          i wish i was a white crayon so
               i would never get used


   . .nOTHINirEALLY.

-bam margera
&+ when i was little
i was taught to save money, not spend it
i was taught to hang out with people like
me, not the populars, i was taught you don't
need money to  be happy.and you girl, have the
parents that buy you $300 coats and name
brand shoes, designer shirts and ripped
jeans, your popular and pretty,
but theres a big difference
between you and me.
I'm happy. Your fake.

this is so true, i hate preps. lol.
credit to cuterthanyoux3
have you ever stood by your bedroom
window late at nightt, looking up at the
and automatically thought of that
one person ;; that one special name?
& have you everr wondered if thatt one
special personn, that name, was doingg
the samee, and thinking about you too?

alll mine<3
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