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&she walks away
holding back the tears
trying to forget that day
fighting the fears
that F i n a l l y came true
wen she saw her with YOU</3

Love is what I want.

Friendship is what he wants.
( no cheating! you have to leave it the way you put it )
add on to the list!:

juaqcdobg - jacob
bbriittssey01q12- britsey01 (my names brittany too so i put my account name!)
jkastyie-Katie lol close lol
gabvbvytty-gabbyy i havee reall good skill i was off just a littleee(:
renee~Oh yea! i had my friend do it for me ^^^^^^ this person
franki - Franki!! lol
alexiks-alexis! hah darn!
kara- ahh come on!!! my name IS kara!!! POOP
taylor- yayayay my name is Taylor!!! <3
c xazra - Cara .. haha, close
bnreasnna --breanna...like 2 letters off
hayley ~ hayley! you just type with the point on your elbow! :]]
jesse~ ha my name IS jesse! yay! Hayley is completely right! its easy!
kelsea- oh yehh, my name is kelsea! =] <3
ssraz- aw mannn. its sara actually. (:
dxnmfcfgtedsa- andrea.. ouch i was off!! hehe :]

alic xia- alicia...two letters off....darn:)<33 iiloveeyouu
 vberdronica ~~~ Veronica   added like 2 extra letters <3
 czarftfsa------ cara not close at all

sometimes he just dont get it. he dont get that im his girlfriend and that im very emotional when it comes to him. he just dont get it that he cant do those things and expect me to be okay with it. sometimes he needs to be stronger than that.. he needs to be stronger for mee. hes everything to me..i live for him. and when it comes down to him being the only thing in my life that can actually make me happy.. i need him. i need him to love me instead of hurting me. i need him to fight with me until we figure out the problem, not just walk away. i need him to know the second im unhappy with him.. he needs to keep me sane so i dont go crazy.. he needs to be the better part of me. the good part of my life.. not the messed up part. i need him to love me without question. to figure me out. to know every single thing about me from the best to the worst.. and he dont get it. it drives me crazy. he'll do things that make me upset and i almost feel like the knows the things that bother me... its like he does them anyways. im hurt.... by the only man that can make me smile and be able to feel it in my heart. i hate being mad at him.. all i ever want to do is kiss him and love him which makes it soo much harder. i dont know what to do. i give in everytime. and let him win... let him be happy. its just unfair to me. he tells me he loves me and for the first time in my life i realllly love him too. but if he really loves me shouldnt he want to make me happy? all the time? its like hes blind. like he dont see it. and you know what i just realized. whats really the problem.. not only does he not get it....... but neither do i... ? 
  ❤ want mlifstor?  ツ
- - -»sorry sweetie;      
  it's still being written <- - -
  Don't chashim
- - -»replace him 
W h a t 's  t h e  p o i n t ?

know the fadinds horrible i was just practicing
&t h e r e  s h e  i s  a g a i n.
laughing at his crummy jokes.  smiling with every word.
trying to stop from breaking when he talks about that girl.
falling in love with nobody to catch her.

[all mine & proud of it<3]
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