Quotes added on Tuesday, April 7 2009

Life moves pretty fast.

You don't stop and look around once in a while,
you could miss it.
───────────────────────────Ferris Bueller's Day Off
and i know i hurt you

but all i can say is
"I'm sorry"
i make mistakes, i'm human,
i act stupid sometimes,
but i can't help it
and losing you as a
Best Friend
would be the worse thing
that could ever happen

I Love You Jenna

made a bad choice,
and now im suffering
the consequences :"(
Has anyone wondered why friends dont last forever but BEST friends do? and why friends dont fight and best friend fight? Have you ever wondered why animals cant talk but people do? This are questions that hunt me (especially the animal and people talking one) =]

stupid quote yes, i know but still its weird which is me!
You stand up for me
You beat up people who insult me
You let me eat your entire house
We have our own made up dream world
And never tell any of my secrets
You are the bestest friend i have ever had
And We will be friends forever and alwayss<3

|[ * J. A. C. Q. U. E. L. Y. N.  *  A. N. N. * 
Always stay strong =)
 [ J a c k i e ]

[ t o  p r o t e c t ]

thanks missrachelx3!!!!!!!!

      Don't you know,                  
                      i've tried and I've tried     

     To get you out my mind, But it don't get no better
                   As each day goes by And I'm lost and confused
    I've got nothin to lose Hope to hear from you soon

                                                  P.S. I'm still not over you..

Happy 15th birthday, Melissa. (:

when all you have left is                  

H   o   P   e  
                            just know, someone will always be there. 

Best Friends Forever
[ [o n l y  c u z  s h e  k n o w s  t o  m u c h] ]
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