Quotes added on Wednesday, April 8 2009

forget the times he walked by 
forget the time she made you cry
forget the times  he spoke your name
remember now youre not the same
forget the times he held your hand
forget the sweet things if you can
forget the times and dont pretend
remember now he's just a friend
i don't wanna tear for you so forgive me if i do
i'd do anything, i'd give you my world
i'd wait forever to be your girl
It’s the making of our story.
a passing dead and gone.
Fairytales wait in mystery,
and monsters sing in song.
Even though these lives have ended,
their memory will carry on.  

beautiful nightmare will begin,
and our heroes will stand strong.
There is a place only the dead know,
where corpses dance and are true to heart.
It is the making of our story,
where in death, we do not p a r t.

Intro:We Dance Like Monsters;I am Ghost
You are now aware
that you cannot say
"Irish Wristwatch"

lmao. i saw this on myspace
and just had to put it on here.
and you have to say it normal
to fast for it to count. this
ammused me and my friends
foe hours. haha.
A N D | | K N O W | | I ' L L | | B E | | A L R I G H T

all credit to makeawishx3
Does anyone elses mom.....

Just barge into your room and then when you freak out because you werent expecting it they figure your doing something wrong so they grab your computer out of your hands. Then when they dont find anything they tell you your life is boring!! or is that just my mom!!!
i'm scared to fall in love
i'm scared to fall too fast 
cause every time i fall in love 
it never seems to last

You seem to find the dark when everything is bright.
You look for all thats wrong instead of all thats right.
Does it feel good to you to rain on my parade? You
never say a word unless its to complain. Its driving
me insane! If i were you Holding the world right in my
hands The first thing i’d do Is thank the stars for all that
i have, If i were you, Look what surrounds you now More
than you ever dreamed Have you forgotten just how
hard it used to be? So whats it going to take For you to
realize It all could go away in one blink of an eye?
 It happens all the time...
If i were you, Holding the world right in my hands.

At A Time
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