Quotes added on Saturday, April 11 2009

You say, you say that we're all tied up
And wrapped around in useless, states of mind
But at the same time we're still young
We have the time to realize that we were wrong.
"The greatest thing
you'll ever learn is
just to love and
be loved in return."

Moulin Rouge!
                                            WhenHeDoesn'tCallBack; *
and you're sitting in bed, crying, wondering what you did wrong...
always promise me, you'll remember this.

                                                                         Guys are like choclates.
                                 Each one is different and you have to keep testing 
                                                 until you find one that you
love. (:

*credit me :D*

D R E A M ;

Drama. ..
I'll tell u two things, girls are full of it and i hate it
trying   to   forget   someone   you   loved
is like trying to  remember  someone

you never met

i was just eating one. LOVE EM!
G r a v i t a t i o n is not
r e s p o n s i b l e
 for people
falling in l o v e.”
Albert Einstein.
my best friend: we're sooo over tired!

me: IT'S ONLY 8 PM!!!

but i'm too lazy for colorr XD
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