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you've got one shot
to make a lasting impression on me.
[ [ m a k e   i t   c o u n t . ]
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         Me And My Best Friend Are So Weird#5

That the night before Easter stayed up all night..Cause we wanted to see the easter bunny.But fell asleep around 1:00..
that guy is smoking.

my series lol =]
Oh No I Dont Like You
; My hands just shake everytime I see you.
; My heart races everytime I hear your voice.
; My breathing speeds everytime I'm near you.
; When you laugh, it gives me butterflies.
; When you smile, I just can't look away.
; When you look me in the eyes, I feel amazing.
;      *_And it leaves me Breathless<<----

'------->>My only question is...<3
Do You Feel The Same?

I think that the only thing girls can truly agree on about a relationship is that the best moments are when you tell eachother you are in love. <3

friends that are somewhere between
mental retards and lovers,
times that can never be *_replaced
*_memories that can never be
You just have to go after what you want
and if it doesn't want you back
then so be it
it doesn't deserve you anyways
1. male friend:  \ jonathan or jaime or ricardo or israel
2. female friend: claudia or jeweliana or alexx
3. Vacation: California
4. age: 12
5. memory: idk

1. Time of day: mornings
2. Day of the week: sundays
3. Food: any type of pie
4. Memory: the rents splitting
5. Boyfriend or girlfriend: havent had a boyfriend

1. Person u saw: my god daughter people i baptized her dont get any ideas
2. Talk on the phone with: alexx
3. Hugged: my cousin jennifer
4. IM: dont IM

1. Kiss: havent had it
2. Serious bf or gf: no one
3. Car: only 12
4. First school: bellaire
5. Job: idk

1. What are you doing now: txting
2. Tonight: sleeping
 3.wearing: t-shirt and some b-ball shorts
4. wat was lunch?: brisket and stuff
5.better than yesterday: nope i had pizza yesterday
1. Is: monday
2. Got any plans: babysitting my cousins cause i dont have school tomorrow
3. goal: make it through the day
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: waking up
5. Do you have work: homework!!!!!!!!!!

1. Number: 4 or 5
Song: alcohol im addicted to it i usually go for alternative and rock
color: GREEN
season: summer    
5. State: texas

1. Are you in love?: no
Dating someone: no
3. Missing someone: nope
Mood: tired
5. Wanting: my friends

And even if we break up,
you will always be the one for me.
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