Quotes added on Sunday, April 19 2009

                                                             I denied it.
                                  Then I relized.
                            It got way out of hand.
fading from vibrant violet to watermelon pink.

um, excuse me boy
but did you just -->
steal me heart ?

make it pretttttier !
I want to make love to you
                                      With you<3
+& You Won't
see me cry.
You wont see me break
and you won't see me fall.
You won't view one
t.e.a.r go down my cheeks
or hear one s.c.r.e.a.m
come out of my mouth.
So for now, i'll just
[[smile]] and pretend everythings
okay. Ill (laugh) like im fine
and dress like im a l r i g h t.
But inside im dying.
Now, you won't see
me cry, but that doesn't
I Won't.
if you just opened your eyes - - ->
you could see that we're meant to be <3
i walk through the hallways at school
+ + l a u g h at the boys i used to like
because not
one of them even comes  
close to you<3
&& im the girl..
doing the hoedown throw down during the hannah
montana movie, yeah im the girl thats proud not
that shes not a size double zero, im the girl thats
listening to music thats not on the top 100..or the top
1000 for that matter, im the girl who makes mistakes,
im the girl whos reading twilight for the 7th time,
yeah im the girl living life to its fullest with no regrets.

**redone and readded

                                         And then fighting back is too much work.
                                 So you stop fighting back.
                                         You give up.
                                           You fade

                 Then you find someone who brings you back to life.
                                    And nothing else matters.
                                      The past is the past.
                                  And thats where it will stay.

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