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& boys, if your mom
still drives you to school,
you're not a gangster.

p u l l   u p   y o u r   p a n t s
A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.*

--Lana Turner.
And I can't deny your eyes
You know I tried to read *between* the lines,
I saw a [warning] sign
And then you threw me up against the wall
Who said that it's better to have loved and lost?
I wish that I had *never* loved at
she's unexplainable
you think she's a good girl..
but when you get to know her,
she's everything...
she's CRAZY...
she's FUN...

and you'll never know what she'll do next
Did you forget,That I was even alive
Did you forget,Everything we ever had
Did you forget About me
I need to know that you know
that i still crack up when i think about youre "unhuman noises"
that my stomach doesnt handle seeing you&her very well
that if i close my eyes, i can still feel our hands together
that i still have your locker combonation in my notebook
that i cant get all the facts i know about you out of my head
that every line of your body i could sculpt into a masterpiece
that i still love the sound of your last name &my first name

that i wish i meant more, that i wasnt just the friend

&i need you to know
that i really, honestly care for you, im willing to wait, i love you.
Me and my friends...

age 6 having sleepovers and playing with barbies
age 10 having sleepovers and dancing and lip singing to Miley Cyrus
age13 in all the same classes
age 15 conforting eachother after some jerk breaks their heart
age 19 going to the same college together

age 25 being each others made of honor
age 27 being each others neighbor
age 31 being the others kids godmother
age 88 chasing each other with our motor scooters
-deceased- buried right next to each other having a party underground

all mine!!.. credit if edit =]
I dont love you,
i love who you could be, &theres a difference

I need you to know

That I still laugh about all our inside jokes

That if I close my eyes and listen really hard I can still hear your heartbeat

That when I lay down at the end of the day you’re the last person I think about

That when I wake up in the morning you’re the first person I think of

That I still know every fact about you

That if I close my eyes when I’m watching a movie I can still feel you laying with me

That you with her kills me

That I wish we didn’t end the way it did

& That I’ll wait forever just to see you smile your true smile

The one that’s be missing for a while


my song choice is now limited</3
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