Quotes added on Friday, April 24 2009

And I didn't, in a million years, think
I'd be lucky enough to call you mine.
hopped off tha bed turn ma swag on took a look in the mirror say wass up yeah we gettin money
turn ma swag on soulja boy xD :p

she runs to her room, sits on her bed and blasts her music. crys of all her makeup and decides shes finally done trying.</3  

Who needs boys  when you've got
b e s t f r i e n d s  ? !   < 3 3 3

Got lazy with colors (:
It's what your gettin, sorry.
&&i think i'm going to start wishing
on 11:12 because 11:11 just isn't working.

NEVER     make promisses you can't keep   <//3

If you are able to explain love to anyone than you don't know what love is. <3

Credit for the [sucky] edit (:
&i don't care if you talk about me,
it just tells me you were thinking about me:)
 Girl; So you really did like it? :p
Of course, it came from you. [:
Awe. See? I like this side alot better then that sad side. It brought down my mood.
Boy; You don't have a bad side. Only a beautiful side. (:

true story. those were the days.. x]

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