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&&theres those days where as much
                           as i want to
ignore the
feeling i get
                                    when i see your
  i just cant

Unanswered Questions..
Why do people call it 'falling in love?'
[[I mean you don't actually fall]]
Good point, it would sound better to say you were
rising in love, but "falling in love" has been used for
centuries it would be hard to change it now.

Whats the point in school
[[Aren't I already smart enough]]
No, you're not smart enough, and even when
you're not in school anymore, you'll still be learning
something new every single day. Get used to it.

Why do they call it 'I can't believe it's not butter'
[[I mean, whats not to believe]]
It's called "I Can't Believe it's not butter" because it's not butter.
It's margarine, which isn't supposed to taste as good as butter.
But it takes just like butter, hence the name.

Why do people say nothings impossible
[[when its impossible to live after death]]
Those are your own personal beliefs, most people believe
that there is some kind of life after death.

Why is the rainbow used in school a lot
[[when its a symbol of gay-ness]]
The rainbow has a much bigger thing then describing "gay-ness"
The reason it's a symbol of that, is because there's different colors
which represents diversity. It has many meanings look it up.

Who the heck thought of a zorse
[[Did they purposely mate a zebra and horse, gross]]
Did they purposely mate men and women, gross! They were mated because
it's cool. They're pretty. Have you even seen one? They're used in

Why do elementary school kids get cell-phones?
[[I mean, who do they have to text?!]]
Who said they were for texting. Elementary school might be a little too
dramatic to say. Any how, if they did, it is for their parents benefit
not the childs.

Why do they name hurricanes after people
[[I just don't understand]]
What would you like to name them after? There's lots of names
and it's easier to identify them, there's a system, it's not random.

Why do guys think its cool to wear their pants below their butt
[[its just disgusting, pull up your pants]]
Simply because, it's what they do. Don't like it? Don't look.

Some people are so narrow minded.

Cheater, Liar, Faker.
But all I can think is H/e/A/r/T B/r/E/a/K/e/R

Make it purddyyy but please credit me? :]]? :D
I waz just venting bout wat jus happened between me and my boyfriend...EX.

You are the taste of something sweet,
and I'm tangled in the sheets.
You left your mark dragged down my back.
So, chain me up. I'm in too deep.

your like my cut
after i'm healed when you ripped me open
the scar is always left behind, never leaving, never fully forgetting


heartare for breaking 
souls are for taking
life is for making
sweet dreams are worth

not mine just colors

what you want and what you
are two completely different things.

all mine just give creditt please
These roads never seemed so l o n g
Since your paperheart start beating leaving me suddenly alone;;
Will daybreak ever come?
There's a large mustard-mine near here.
And the moral of that is "The more there is of mine, the less there is of yours."

The Duchess - Alice In Wonderland
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