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a l l   t h e   g a m e s   y o u   p l a y e d
t h e   p r o m i s e s   y o u   m a d e

([ couldn't finish what you started ])
only darkness still remains.

tonight    we'll     stand,    get    off    our     knees
fight  for  what we've worked for all  these  years
and the battle was long, it's the fight of our lives

**Change - Taylor Swift
 Last night i had a dream;

You were in it. We fell in love and were the couple
everyone wished they could be. Love was something
you gave to me in the smallest ways possible.
Last night, I wish I never woke up.

So, love me like you did last night;
unconditionally, uncontrolably, 
and most importantlyy
love me for me.

mine. truee story(:
+ she doesn't care;;
what the hell you say about her. she doesnt care what you
think about her "loser" boyfriend. she doesnt care if her
friends are dorks and they love to act retarded along with
her. she doesnt care, if she hates lil wayne, yet loves old bands
like the beatles and aerosmith. she doesnt care if her sneakers
are from payless and not from famous footwear. she doesnt
care if she doesnt wear abercrombie and fitch, but stuff from
kmart. she doesnt care if her family sucks and her only
escape is music. she doesnt care if you make fun of her
behind her back or even to her face. but most importantly;
she can just walk away.
we're fools whether we
dance or not, so we
might as well dance.

ehh? what do you think? comments please :] and if you make it pretty juss give credit ;]
The words I cant bring myself to say to him,
"I don't only love you,
I need you..."

All mine

I don't believe that anybody feels

**Wonderwall - Oasis
Now it's time for Graduation,
The broken hearts and the lost
dreams, to Continue on to
High school. The friendships
are lost in between, But some
a carried and lost.  Its a happy time
to sing a song, to say good-bye.
You've done it, you gave it your best
and you got it. But only a look to
the side; Wheres my best friend?
In heaven i say. Flowers on her
chair, She'd be graduating if she
was here. Where is my Friend?
My dear friend. To sing a song
for you.  Where are you? <3

For my best Friend; Who lost
one of her best friends while Finshing
her 8th grade year.
We miss you Angleica Andre♥

*Laying in the middle of the street*
Allie: What happens if a car comes?
Noah: We die.

Noah&Allie-The Notebook

LOL me and my friends did that!! Haha don't try it at home folks!!

I'm going to smile like nothings wrong, talk like everythings perfect, act like it's all a dream, and pretend it's not hurting me. But if you look into my eyes, you'll be able to see the true hurt inside of me.

1/2 credit to ilovemusicx33. i added the last half and different colors and formatting.
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