Quotes added on Sunday, May 3 2009

find iweid that;;
we push aside those who care
about us the most but keep
trying to get the attention
of those who don't care at all.

*credit to some one.
i just changed the words around.

j          s    i    c    a ,  (:

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear ... "
1 John 4:18
Pop It, Lock It, Polka-dot It;
countrify then hip-hop it put your hawk in the  sky move 
s i d e   t o   s i d e. Jump to the left; sticks it; G L I D E. Zig Zag,
across the floor, shuffle in diagonal. When the  drum hits
hands on your hips; one foot in, one eighty twist. And then a
zig-zag, step, slide. Lean it left, then clap  T H R EE  T I M E S.
Shake it out,head to toe, throw it all together;

oh yes, the hoedown throwdown. i'm one of those.
sometimes i just want to run away;;
and see who comes  c h a s i n g  after me
who even >>notices<< that i'm gone
who doesn't even care
who's crying over me
or who's simply
happy i'm [finnaly]  gone
*maybe its on here?
credit to whoever if it is
 Is it really obvious enough
that I'm head over heels for you, 
or do I need to try some more?

credit  to me! like it or not w.e

When your friend rushes up to you and tells you about her injuries 
and you have just as many to tell her back
you know your best friends
and total klutzes!

This is mine

i give her a high five
she lets out the biggest fart ever.

that really happened....
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