Quotes added on Tuesday, May 5 2009

So, just tell me this.
 am i wasting my time
on you when there's no
chance at all that we'll
ever end up together?
are you just stringing
me along with no
intention of leaving her
behind are you just
playing games with my

I really hope not. </3
I just need to get away
Away from you
Away from your friends
Away from everything

I need some time to clear my head
and focus on the things that really matter
and the people that actually care.
i cant hold it in any loner</3
l cant hide this secret from you any more</3
I know your my best friend and this wont seem right but</3

you need to know the truth. you might not feel the same but...</3
i love  you
there really are bonds formed that can
[never] be broken. Sometimes you really
can find that one person who will stand
by you no matter what. Maybe you'll find
it in a spouse and celebrate it with your
dream wedding. But theres also the chance
that the person you can count on for a lifetime,
the person who know you sometimes better
than you know yourself, is the same person who's
been standing beside you all along.        - Bride Wars

nott mine but best movie everr!!!(:
Life's a climb,
But the view is great.
-Miley Cyrus.

...just as long
as you stand by me...

 i want
be somebody

 i want will be somebody

i don't care what you think;;
as long as it's about me?

pete wentz&&ashlee simpson
cutest couple ever

anyone who thinks different
is just jealous
because pete wentz is married and doesn't want in their pants
let the guy be happy/
stop dissing his family



can you see im

totally in love

with you!

Is this for real,

 Am I dreaming

[[i   h o p e   n o t]]
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