Quotes added on Thursday, May 14 2009

&she stood there 

looking out into the empty sky
with no more care
just wanting to die
because she couldn't have you
and didn't know what else to do<3

Is like I-TUNES,
You can have a favorite song,
but always browse for more.
Im sorry for being so shy, im just not used to being around amazingly hott guys!!!
<3 <3 
 I can't spend one day without thinking about your gorgeous smile, or ur big, beautiful eyes, or even your laugh tht gives me a tingly feeling throughout my whole body. Somtimes I just want to kiss you over and over agian, but knowing tht i can't at tht moment, it kills me. Some say im crazy, but they just dont get it....i'm in love!!!!!

<3 <3 <333333
      If i bit my lip would you kiss it make it better?!?!?!?

<3 <3 <33333
 she is my best friend!!   and i kno you love her, but i love her too... so if you break her heart, ill break ur face!!!
I agree with Dunkin' Donuts.
**  Y O C A N  D O  I T **
its not about what the answers
but asking the right questions<3

just needed a place to save ... ill make it pretty l8er =]
witty profile
.I Can Guarantee.

.You Won't Find.

.Anybody Else.




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