Quotes added on Wednesday, May 20 2009

 x_MassiveFader <3
  to the left,to the left; 
              if you wanna leave 
                 be my guest you can step.
fade frommmmm light orange toooooooo light sea green!

disasterfadesx»shiloh ;D

qive me love, thrill me -- dazzLe mee. deliqht mee . tease me .. pLease mee;
qive me days i'll ALWAYS remember && niqhts i'll NEVER forqet .. qive me
everythinq i want & nothinq i need ;

baby qive me YOU<3.

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Every fricken time Your Around;
my heart skipd a beat & ends up in my stomach
Nobody will ever
Understand me the way he does.
I cant even imagine my life
Without you in it <\3
All This time i thought;
I could actually trust you

S P E A K . Y O U R . M I N D

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that i love you. You know it already but u
refuse to accept that you love me to... its
not fair to me that everyone says you luv
me back, but you deny. Were bestfriens,
we can fer sher trust each other with any
thing, we ALWAYS have thee best times
and were always there I dont know what
to think, but all i know is that i deffffinitely

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