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  a silent killer;;  
lurks             the          streets ,
wiping  out       almost  all   it 
meets,     it        carries      no 
weapons ,     for        it     has  
no                                  fears ,
it             doesn't             need
a gun or a knife  to bring you
to                                    tears.
once it has        you in its grip
 you     are           never     free 
one     encounter    and    you 
may pay    the    ultimate fee ,
30        seconds  another
victim            is           claimed
this     killer       is      
n e r
(or so it's been named.)


How great is this? Dinner together... steaks on the grill... you not punching me...
[dan scott]

should i continue on the series?

I wish I were Einstein cause then I'd invent a time machine and go back to when you were nice.

                                  [raymond- everybody loves ray]
Why Is It Even Tho Your Mine
i still get embarrased when you hold my hand in public
even tho i wanna hold yours too,
i still get scared that your mates dont like me even tho
we spend so much time with them,
i still worry what your mum thinks of me even
tho we get on so well,
i still think that i need to impress you even tho
i can come to yours in the worst state and
you wouldnt care less,

baby tbh i love you so much and i never wanna do you wrong

all mine <3
i love you lee <3

maybe if i am lucky
today will be that day
where people are nice
to me and the sun is
shining and the teachers
say yes "you are doing this
right" but maybe if i am
lucky i will be with you

your 80% of the reason i wake up every morning
the other 20% is cuz i need to pee

all mine <3
i love you lee <3

How can I forget;
the first time we met
Most importantly the first time we kissed
I knew at that very moment
That you were everything I ever wanted
One simple kiss;
meant everything

all mine <3
i love you lee <3
Don't You Hate It When...

1.) You like somebody
but they like your BFF

2.) You like somebody
but they would NEVER like you back

3.) you think they might like you
and you want to ask them out
but you just can't
because your scared
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