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&her mind tells
her that he doesnt love her
that he will never want her
that hes too good for her
but itz her heart
that keeps beating
everytime he passes by
&its her heart
that tells her to keep holding on
to him<3
There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris's computer.

Chuck Norris is always in control.


Chuck Norris demolished the periodic table. Because he only reconized the element of SURPRISE.
There is no theory of Evolution.
Just the list of creatures Chuck Norris allowed to

Contrary to popular belief:

America is not a democracy, it is a

 I don't care what history says about most dinosaurs being viscious and carnivours.

I still think they're cuddly.

           Dinosaurs go extinct.              
                      Fishies and Birdies evolve from dinosaurs.

                                   Mammals evolve from surviving dinosaurs.

                                                  All dinoes go extinct fast.
                                                               Humans 'evolve' from monkeys.

Monkeys still here?

 Most girls wag their hips,
        Bat their lashes,
                 Laugh and nod cutely
                   Some even add that special wink you sometimes see.


I simply trip and fall naturally, and that's my flirting mojo.


Everytime i turn aroundd;
brothers gather 'round. Always lookin at
me up and down lookin at my [ [  uhh  ] ]
i just wanna say it noww, i aint tryin to
round up dramma little mamma i donnt
wanna take ur man, and i kno im comin
off just a lil bit conceided and i keep on
repeatin how the boys wanna eat it<3 

Even x just x hearing x his x name
g i v e s     m e    m i l l i o n s     o f    b u t t e r f l i e s.

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