Quotes added on Friday, May 22 2009

u no the kind of guy who
                        u almost wish sumthin bad will happen 2 u
just so tht he gets protective

                                     and is my superman

She stood there; outside his door just screaming at him.
I needed you; and you just walked away. What about; "I'll always be there for you baby.
I will always love you"?
Did that mean nothing to you, nothing at all.?

He just stood there; you know what? I'm sorry. I really am.
You know what; I wish I could actually believe you; I wish I could actually trust you.
But we both learned our lesson from that.
Well guess what. It's my turn to walk away this time.

And with that; the girl turned her back and it took all her willpower, but she walked away. Leaving everything she knew; behind</3

^^ughh. Venting=\

I'm really really sorry.
No you're not. You're not even close to sorry. Sorry's just a word which no-one even knows the true meaning of anymore. You have to put the feeling behind the word; the emotion, or else it's nothing.
Being in his arms again,
reminded me of every reason why I had always forgiven him in the past</3

You say I'm all yours,
but baby boy, you should know,
I'm not your freakin' blow up doll.

zero three (:

 all i need is u <333


Usuall Like  When  People  Smile
but when somone smiles as much as you smile
it kinda makes me                       
N   e    r    v    o    u    s

 don't make me snap my fingers in a
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