Quotes added on Friday, May 22 2009

Am I the only girl....
That scrpas her bra
on the tightest hook
just because im nervous
it might fall off cause its to lose


A freshmen girl oh so shy sit and watches the sophomore guy, the sophomore guy with his head in a whirl sit and watches the junior girl, the junior girl in her red sedan sit and watches the senior guy, the senior guy so hot and wild SECRETLY loves  the freshmen child...
aus nmn ako !!
ikws? kmusta kba?
[wahaha kala mu di naguusap eh nuh?]
-- ahm ahm ahm --
labyu2 :DD
take care always


My ONLY LOVE sprung to my ONLY HATE...
&&you just don't know how much it hurts her;;
when she sees you with her

AeriexoLove33 for the fade
- Evan -
I love you sooo muuch, babii.
May 20, 2009 til

just give me the chance tonight
so i can taste you on my tounge
with your lips to kiss like the red hot sun
your one big

Sugarrr Rushhhh

sugar rush: Cash Cash
1 of the best songs ever :)

no [ camera ] could ever capture
the look in her [ eyes ] &
the feeling in her [ heartwhen,
she's looking at him..
change is coming,
be strong.<3 <3
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