Quotes added on Saturday, May 23 2009

if you're cute ; you can call me sweetie
if you're nice ; you can call me baby
but if you're hot ; you can call me tonight


Did ever stop to think about that one boy who likes you, who thinks you dont even know he exists.
you lead me to believe
that you cared
that you loved me
that you wanted to be with me
i spilled my heart out to you
thinking that you'd take care of it.
and what do i get ferr opening up my heart?
you leave me. you leave me ferr someone else.
my heart crushed. my pride beaten.
what worse could you have possibly done to me?
nothing. </3

^yeahh, it happened to me. but i've moved on 5.19.09 <33

If he should ever come your way
dry the tears and look somewhere above him.
Might be easier to say then to do
just pretend that you no longer love him.
When your backs against the ropes,

when you miss someone the

It Can Only Get Better
Dinosaurs aren't extinct
they're just hidin
& Sometimes
i ask my friends how their boyfriends are
just so they'll ask about
Can't seem to stop caring,
as much as I want to,
Can't seem to forget you,
as much as I try to.
Darling,you still mean so much to me....
  are my world.
 iin 7 days ;;*
God created the world..
&+_ in 7 seconds,
i shattered mine. [♥]

- 7 Pounds
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