Quotes added on Saturday, May 23 2009

to the boy i secretly admire,
the best feeling in the world is when
there are butterflies
in your stomach,
& you know that [something] absolutely
is about to h a p p e n <3
text; if i'm awake. {digits} 
do not disturb; if i'm asleep.
<3 peace&love.  

Finding friendship like ours is like
trying to nail Jello to a tree.

of falling back in love.              you never know if
someone is         completely      out of your heart.
they  could  always come back,             but its up
to you to choice whether    to     t a k e    t h e m
b a c k ; ;  
       or live life
carefully. but really now
W H A T S          T H E          F U N          I N         T H A T
take chances in life.    neverr take the easy way
out.       why be the one that lived life perfectly,
when you could be the one that had fun,      the
one that took chances,  did something actualy
d       a       n       g       e       r         o         u       s       ; ;
a  n  d    l  i  v  e  d   t  o   t  e  l  l    a  b  o  u  t   i  t  .
It was always the love songs
everytime. made everybody
feel something inside. with the
flirt down low, you held your girl
real close. made you warm to love
the one you were with. gave you
the courage for that the kiss.
it was the love songs, always the
love songs.

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i believe that everything happens for a reason
people change, so you can learn to let go. things go wrong, so you can appreciate
them when they're right. you believe lies, so you  learn to trust no one but  yourself.

&+ sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.


She asked:
What's your biggest fear?
He turned and looked  straight in [[her]] eye
Loosing You

& doesn't it kinda make ya wonder;
when 09 is over, what are the senior shirts gunna be like?!
0-10? 0-11?! class of 0-13?
it only takes 1 person to brighten my day.
the sad part is;
it also takes 1 person to ruin it.
I'll ignore
  every one of them
because i
       only want

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