Quotes added on Saturday, May 30 2009

He saw us as Romeo and Juliet!

 I saw us as Cinderella and Prince Charming!

 The world saw us as Barbie and Ken!

it's not mine!
Credit to kiki-ya know whom i'm talkin bout!!

we like to wear dark shades;
to look at hot guys;
and they wont even knoww;
we are staring at them.

Have you ever had so much to say

          But a loss of words?




No hope No love No glory

No happy ending.

& That was the night
she finally
b r o k e
girl:your new girlfriend is pretty.
[i bet she stole your heart]
boy:yeah... she is
[but you're still the most beautiful girl i know]
girl:i heard she's funny & amazing.
[all the stuff i wasn't]
boy:she sure is.
[but she's nothing compared to you]
girl:i bet you know everything about her by now
[like how you knew just everything about me]
boy:only the stuff that count.
[i cant remember what she says when i think of you]
girl:well... i hope you guys last.
[cause we never did]
boy:i hope we do too.
[whatever happened to me & you?]
girl:well i got to go.
[before i start to cry.]
boy:yeah, me too.
[i hope you dont cry..]
[i still love you.]
[i never stopped.]

can be the sadest person on earth, but man when im with him i'm the L-U-c-K-i-E-s-T person on earth =)<3

*true thingg...idk if credit to mee sorry if i copiedd!*
&i can't think
of anybody else who I hate to miss
as much as I hate missing you
busy missing him </3
I text in
                  to seem       

All mine. :)
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