Quotes added on Sunday, May 31 2009

Summer '09 I  

is just

another word
                                    i never

                                                 learned to

                            {{p r o n o u c e}}

mcdreamy is being mcdouchy

--christina, greys anatomy--
Having a guy dump you and say "We can still be friends"

like having your mom say
"Your dog died but you can still keep it"
oh yeah?    ♥       well i don't like your pants.
♥     ohhh.   would you like some ice for that
b ♥    u ♥    r ♥    n ♥   ?
Finally, we were alone, talking and laughing.
And at that moment he leaned in, and
whispered in my ear i love you.
My mind spin like a color wheel,
all the bright primary colors shouting,
say i love you too ! and then i..

Woke Up .
your the pop to my tart!
your the star to my burst!
your the peanut to my butter!
and mostly your the best to my friend!
Sometimes you have to believe in Magic...
you have to believe in kisses in the rain
believe theres no such thing as pain
you have to believe in hugs that mean so much more
believe in the sunshine as it begins to pour
you have to believe this moment will last
believe that  all those hardships are part of the past
you have to believe the music will never end
believe we will always be friends
you have to believe in love that lasts a lifetime
and believe that the view is worth the climb
you have to believe that you're worthwhile
and promise me you'll smile
because i believe in magic
even when its hard
life it isn't tragic
if we all let down our guard.

all mine..credit to me!

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