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She's been hurt many times before this. 
You'd think it would be routine by now. 
You'd think she wouldn't let this get to her. 
But the truth is, she trusted you. </3

I have a broken heart</3
sometimes I only f o r g i v e you, because
it's easier than forgetting you.

&+ It's just saying good-bye that hurts</3

 You know it feels like love is all around us     
                                                                                 way       Y

You get to her.
You make her cry late at night. 
You make her scream at the top of her lungs.
You took her happiness and ripped it up
and never even looked it back.
You forced her to draw a smile on her face everyday 
You make her second guess everything you say. 
But she's not about to admit it to you. 
Her pride is too strong. But really, 
would it matter anyways? 
who broke up with him and not the other way.
but it didn't make much difference.
i still
cried myself to sleep.
And I hope it makes you jealous, 
when you see me holding his hand
And I hope it makes you squirm, 
when he hugs me in the halls. 
And I hope you stare right at us, 
when he kisses me and I kiss back. 
And I hope you finally miss me, 
when you realize that I'm over you.</3
its so cute:]
its really longg, but still. its worth it (:

Put your arms around her waist
and whisper in her ears.

Hold her close when she's cold,
but if you have a jacket
And she doesn’t
Offer yours to her.

When you are alone hold
her close and kiss her.

Kiss her on the tip of her nose
(it will give her the hint that
you want to kiss her.)

While in the movie, put your
arm around her and then she
will automatically put her head
on your shoulder......
then lean in and tilt her chin and kiss her lightly.

When she complains that her
neck/shoulders hurts or her
body language kinda tells you
they hurt, massage it for her.

When people disscuss her stand up for her.

Look deep into her eyes and
tell her you love her.

Lay down under the stars and
put her head on your
chest so she can listen to
the steady beat of your heart.

Link your fingers together
while you whisper to
her as she rests her eyes
and listens to you.

Make sure that her parents like you.

Open doors and pull out chairs for her.

Randomly call her just to hear her voice.
Bring her flowers
to tell her she’s more beautiful
than anything

If she seems to be sad or upset
ask if there is anything you can do
to make it better

Do something nice for her
without her asking you to.

If she’s feeling stressed
or is having drama with her friends
tell her how amazing she is
and that she is perfect no matter what
she doesn’t always need advice
just an open ear.

Remember the details.

Be a gentleman.
chivalry ain’t dead.

Don’t move to fast
and don’t pressure her
for anything.

Be honest with her
she’ll understand as long
as your truthful

Meet her between classes
just to talk.

Don’t even notice the way other girls look.

If you know that she had something big coming up
call her afterwards to ask how it went
or slip a note in her bag before hand to wish her luck.

Let her know you care.

Know her favorite color,
flower, and candy.
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