Quotes added on Tuesday, June 2 2009

hello    seattle,
i am a mountaineer♥
my emotion_*
struck a sparkling tone like a
xylophone, as we spent the day

l  o  e .

always look at what you have...
[never look at what you have lost.]

If I could change my past
You would be my

not really mine, its in a dutch song, i translated it.
++_if you let me,
i could show you how to
build your fences

on the mic is a queen
now listen to me sing,
he wants a number 3 super size onion rings

he came out the house with no ankle bracelet on
but he's got 2 strikes so don't get his order wrong

you know i'm lookin cute
and there's nothing you can say
but if you get with me
we can do it your way
If someone pushes
you down, just look at them  and ask
"now do you feel like the better person? 'cause that fall didn't hurt at all..."
if they say nothing, just get up & walk


alex;; i'm cold!
cesar;; i'm even colder!

alex;; my pants are still wet!
cesar;; mine are, too!
alex;; oh yeah? Well,
When a  G i r l  is  quiet....
a ra r
a r a r
a r a r
a r a r
a r a r
a ra r
a r a r
a r a r a r
a r a r
[a million things are going]
through her mind.

we all have them.
we all have our fantasies
about that prince charming we all adore.
ive got one wrapped up around my finger.
the one who takes your breath away,
makes your heart skip a beat, the one
who deserves every tear in your body, but
never makes you cry. the one you can
call at 3 in the morning to complain about
your mom taking your cell phone, and
even though he was completely asleep,
he sits there and intentely listens to
every word. the one who doesnt notice
anything wrong with you. and when you
ask why he always tells you that you look
pretty, he simply answers, 'because your
the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.
and nothing can ever change that'.
everyone's hearts would melt if a boy said
that to them. now could you please
explain why i dont love him back?

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