Quotes added on Wednesday, June 3 2009

I wait, and wait.
I tell my self I will.
But once the opportunity comes.
I don't talk to him.
Will you think that you're all alone
When no one's there to hold your hand?
When all you know seems so far away
And everything is temporary, rest your head
:::I'm Permanent:::

-david cook-

adam cook

((Backstabber if told circumstances with hearsay))

just in case you dont know, hearsay is basically gossip
This is a guys quote!


1.They have great hands.
2.They are used to scoring no matter what base they are on.
3.They have tremendous endurance.
4.They always use a glove.
5.They don't stop til the job is done, and there is always extra innings.
6.They never strike out.
7.They like to touch every base carefully.
8.They don't mind diving face first into the grass.
9.They take the extra base if they can get it.
10.They slide into home really hard.

!i left my {water-proof} mascara at my friends hoouse
Just when i need it most!!


well i went to his baseball game and it was raining!!
lol no break up!!

hes my {everything}
       and i wonder. am i his {anything}?

She walks to a tree
Hands trembling,
Fingering the flowers

Wrapped in red ribbon
Death still prevailed
After all the prayers given

Soft lips speak her mind
“I miss you” sweet words
Oh so kind

Standing there missing a piece
Of herself inside
Wanting to break down and weep

Eventually finding the strength 
To continue 
Later that week kneeling in a pew

With so many unanswered questions
She bows her head and asks god why
He left without saying goodbye

Death is simply a mystery                        

                                That most wish not to solve  

  I had to let go.
You were tearing me up inside.
Is that so bad of me to have let go?

I'm Sorry I had to leave you;

                 I'm sorry I broke promises.

                                      But I'm not sorry that I finally realized that this had gone too far.
What ever this is.



And sick
Thats what I am
It hard for me to understand
I'm tired of holding everything up
Tired of keeping everything together
I'm tired of wearing a fake smile each day
I think I need to get away; get out of this place
Maybe just for a day. It'd be nice if I could have my way
Just be alone and not have to worry about anything...
But you know what I want most, I want to be in
Your arms once again.. I want you to look
At me with those big brown eyes
And tell me you love me
I just dont want it

to be one big

**mine** i love you all...
1. male friend:  Mike
2. female friend: Kelly
3. Vacation: Washington.. the state : )
4. age: 14
5. memory: can't pick

1. Time of day: Morning
2. Day of the week: Monday
3. Food: um... i really dont like fish.
4. Memory: idk.
5. Boyfriend or girlfriend: nopee =[

1. Person u saw: joe, and patrick : )
2. Talk on the phone with: laura
3. Hugged: patrick
4. IM: erma

1. Kiss: not yett
2. Serious bf or gf: nopee
3. Car: nopee
4. First school: pree k
5. Job: nott yet

1. What are you doing now: listening to music
2. Tonight: its definatly already tonight. haha
 3.wearing: pjs
4. wat was lunch?: uhm... grilled cheese i think.
5.better than yesterday: yehh, definatly
1. is... wednesday
2. Got any plans: yep
3. goal: have fun =D
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: ?? not sure
5. Do you have work: nope

1. Number: 62, 46, or 28
2. Song: right now? uhm... day n night, or she's so lovely, or imma' be, or boom boom pow. haha
3. color: green, orange, purple 
season:   summerr
5. State: Washington
1. Are you in love?: yehh lmao
2. Dating someone: nopee
3. Missing someone: yehh
4. Mood: bored
5. Wanting: icecream : ) yum

made it pretty : )
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